Who I Work With

I work with adult individuals, couples and adolescents 12 and up.

Adult individuals

  • We will talk together in a safe place to help make sense of things that trouble you and of problematic behaviors. Our work will include focusing on how problems developed and on how to reduce anxiety in order to achieve positive change.
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  • PACT (the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy; developed by Stan Tatkin) is the framework I use most to work with couples.  It teaches how to create secure–functioning relationships—that is a relationship based on mutuality, fairness,  sensitivity, and a good working knowledge of your partner. 
  • A couples session might feel like an open-ended three-way conversation, but the hope is to discover that even though partners might be “wired” differently, those differences can be used and overcome to create a stronger intimate connection. 

  • Using attachment theory, neuroscience, and the biology of human arousal, we will focus on the couple as a two-person system (“we, not I”), leading to a comfortable psychological understanding that for couples, “what’s good for me is good for you.” 

Adolescents 12 and up

  • Adolescence can seem like a separate universe - it’s quite a job to negotiate the transition from childhood to operating as an autonomous adult out in the world, and these days, the challenges may feel immense. 
  • We start with external influences—usually parents first, then extended family, friends, school.

  • And we eventually reach an inner world, where purpose, direction, and feeling come from a flexible, but sturdy sense of ourselves.

Attention without feeling, I began to learn, is only a report. An openness—an empathy—was necessary if the attention was to matter.
— Mary Oliver